About Flynn Log Homes

Leading log cabin builder in Quebec

For over two decades Flynn Log Homes has been the leading log cabin builder in Quebec. No other log home builder has been able to compete with us on quality or our dedication to giving our customers the best possible build. Flynn Log Homes uses only the best possible Eastern White Pine logs and hires only the finest local Canadian woodworkers.

Our owner James personally supervises every project to make sure it comes out perfect every time. Whether you’re looking for a unique home to live in or a classic rustic cabin for weekend getaways, you won’t find a better log cabin than one built by Flynn Log Homes.

Our Team

Our team is handpicked personally by James. He finds only the most reliable woodworkers who are experienced with every tool we use. From chainsaws to scribes, every person who builds for Flynn Log Homes is dedicated to building great custom log homes.

The team at Flynn Log Homes is proud to be able to give Quebec real custom log cabins. It’s hard to find a company that upholds the old traditions of the area, but Flynn Log Homes still builds log cabins the way they were meant to be.

While other builders are considered with spitting out bland factory-made homes, Flynn Log Homes makes each cabin that we build by hand to be a unique custom home every time.

For a truly unique Canadian home, let Flynn Log Homes build your log cabin. From naturally dried logs to expertly hand-scribed builds, no one else can build a cabin like Flynn Log Homes can. We only focus on giving you the best possible job we can.

Log Home Plans

Everyone needs a jumping off point for their inspiration.

Luckily, Flynn Log Homes has 25+ years’ worth of plans you can choose from.

Whether you find an existing plan that you fell in love with, or want us to just use it as a guide for something uniquely “you”, we can find a building plan with the exact features you’re looking for.

If you saw a cabin in a magazine or online, or had a quick sketch in mind, James and his crew can make sure you get the cabin you’ve always wanted.


We don’t take shortcuts. We could build your log cabin faster and cheaper with machines and milled logs, but we build with dedication.

We’re committed to the Scandinavian style of log building because it gives you the best results. It might take a little longer, but the quality can’t be beat.

Our passionate experts use only the best tools and equipment to build you the best cabin possible. You’ll feel like you’re living in a true log cabin, just like in the old days.

Don’t settle for cheap imitations; you deserve the best cabin. You deserve a custom-built home from Flynn Log Homes.


What ensures the perfect build every time is both James Flynn and you, the buyer, are involved every step of the process.

Once you find a plan that you love, we build the exterior shell at our facility, one log at a time. As soon as we know it’s perfect, we carefully take it apart and deliver it to your site where it is finished and your new dream home is ready for you.

When you hire Flynn Log Homes you’re supporting local workers. Real Canadian woodworkers are building your log cabin from scratch.