Floor Plans

Designing your log home

Here you’ll find nine of our custom log home plans. Feel free to let us know if you want to add features from a few different plans or if you’d like us to work together to design a one-of-a-kind log cabin!

You can schedule an appointment to view more, or if you already have a plan in mind, we’d love to build that, too. Contact us!

You are not limited to what you see here. The team at Flynn Log Homes can design and build your custom hand built cabin from any plan. Whether you have a set of blueprints or an idea scribbled on a napkin, we want to see it. Flynn Log Homes is passionate about bringing your plans and ideas to life to give you the cabin you’ve envisioned.

Note: Prices may change without notice, and some models may show additional options which are not included in the base package.

FL1 – $94,800

FL2 – $111,880

FL3 – $112,680

FL4 – $125,370

FL5 – $140,450

FL6 – $111,880

FL7 – $64,720

FL8 – $287,250

FL9 – $96,010

Standard Log Home Package

Find out what comes included in every standard Flynn Log Homes package and what this might mean for your particular project.

Click to view details of our Standard Log Package