Premade Log Shell for Your Log Home

Flynn Log Homes creates the unique log shell — you create the finished home

Your end will also include undertaking all site preparation, foundation or slab on grade pad, roofing, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, and any other finishes. Many of our customers do much of this work themselves, but you can also hire trades to do it for you.

A log home shell under construction at Flynn Log Homes
Flynn Log Homes can ship your new log home shell anywhere in Canada.

You can also contact us by email at or by phone: 819-664-2681

Canadian white pine log shell

Flynn Log Homes builds stunning hand crafted log shells made out of 12″ Eastern white pine logs of the highest quality. We regularly offer premade log shells of either 32′ x 32′ or 26′ x 26′ for sale directly from our yard in western Quebec, Canada. We can also prepare custom made log shells to your specifications.

Our standard log home shells can be provided as a single storey cabin, with a half loft, or a full loft. Creating your log home with a full basement is always an option.

Our logs are hand peeled, air dried, saddle notched, and then scribed in Scandinavian style to preserve the natural look of the wood and ensure a precise build quality with a superior look and feel compared to milled log builds.

You won’t find a more affordable, quality log shell in Canada.

Buy a Log Cabin Shell

Experience a classic log home

We build the log shell at Flynn Log Homes.

  • If you’re in our local area (western Quebec and eastern Ontario), we can deliver and install** the log shell kit on your property.
  • If you’re further away from us, we’ll coordinate on the best shipping option. We can ship around the world as our premade log shells easily come apart for transport.

Construction of the shell takes roughly 2 to 3 months, depending how busy we are.

**Our delivery and installation fee includes trucking (typically 25% of the shell price), however this will depend on how access to your lot.

Log Shell Inclusions

  • Premium white pine logs averaging 20″ high by 12″ thick
  • Full scribed 10′ high log walls, insulated with p-gasket and kerfed
  • Log walls drilled for wiring, boxes cutout for switches and plugs
  • Window and door openings cutout, keywayed, and flared back
  • All log ends sanded
  • Trucking or a shipping container for delivery is extra and cost will depend on location and access.

Optional Extras

You get to choose what to add onto your base package, including:

  • Log stairs and railings
  • Staining
  • King post truss
  • Post & beams for covered porches
  • 8 x 12 rafters for roof system
  • Log floor joists for upper loft
  • Ridge pole
  • Main beam
  • Gable end support posts

The Beauty of Logs

For deliveries within our local area, 1 or 2 men from Flynn Log Homes will be made available to supervise and assist the home owner or general contractor in installation of the log shell.

Hand crafted log roof on a premade log home shell.

Creating Your Log Home

Our Process

The people who come to us tend to be folks who love log homes and know something about how they are put together. Often, they are prepared to do much of the work themselves.

Our highest quality Eastern white pine log shell is the preferred starting point for log home enthusiasts. Get started by:

  • Arranging a visit to our yard to view existing shells or discuss your project, OR
  • Reviewing our log home plans page and identify your preferred plan (see a sample below)

Log Home Plans

If you wish to choose from our existing log home plans, we offer 9 floor plans. Our most popular is FL4 (shown here). We regularly offer premade log shells at our yard based on this plan.

Our FL4 floorplan measures 32 feet by 32 feet, providing a classic square cabin layout. An L-shaped open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen is combined with a bedroom and bathroom in one corner of the layout. The bathroom is accessible from the bedroom and the main living area.

Some customers choose to add a half loft to this plan (with an additional bedroom and bathroom), or a full loft, depending on the number of bedrooms / spaces they need.

Log shell floorplan for a 32' by 32' log cabin or home.